How Tech Startup RedBit is Thriving in alternawork’s Cowork Space

Software consulting and design company RedBit Development is focused on delivering software products and solutions to help companies reach new audiences, drive revenue channels, and increase brand awareness. Incorporated in 2003, they started bringing full-time members of the team on board in 2009. Since then, they have been developing services to help clients reduce costs, up their revenue, and thrive in this fast-paced digital age.

RedBit is just one of many tech startups taking advantage of the benefits of cowork spaces—read on to hear about coworking from an inside perspective.

Coworking Insights from a Tech Entrepreneur

We had a chance to speak with RedBit founder and president Mark Arteaga about his startup, how using a cowork space has enabled him to grow his business, and words of advice for other entrepreneurs thinking about coworking.

How has your company grown since its inception?

“What started out as a one-man company grew quickly to a team of 10, including developers, testers, designers, and product management to meet the increasing needs of our clients.”

What do you like most about coworking at alternawork?

“alternawork listens to your needs and wants and is very adept at bringing people and companies together that they think can help each other out. It’s a very collaborative culture. There are other businesses coming into the alternawork building now, which is always exciting to have the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people. It provides the opportunity to share our successes and skills with others.”

 Coworking allows small businesses to grow and be part of a collaborative community.How has alternawork helped your business grow?

“The fabulous space that we lease from alternawork has allowed our team to creatively grow and thrive. It has brought us all into one room again, making for better collaboration and a much more fun working environment.”

What would you say to other startups or tech companies considering using a coworking space?

“Office culture is important—seek an environment where members share similar views and goals, and surround yourself with them. For example, alternawork is focused on serving the tech community, so if you are in the tech industry, it’s beneficial to be part of that environment.”

In your opinion, what are the most important factors when considering a coworking space?

“The space has to feel right for you. You need to be able to click with those who will be sharing the space with you, and you want your office to be a space you will feel proud to bring your clients to and that will provide opportunities for companies using the space to come together and collaborate.”

Is Coworking a Smart Move for Your Startup?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the perfect space to build your team and grow your business, a cowork space might be right for you. You’ll want to look for an office with a convenient location, a reliable network to meet your needs, and an office culture that meshes with your own. Booking a tour of the facility will help you get a feel for whether this is the right move for you and your business.

alternawork is a dynamic cowork facility serving the thriving tech community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). To book a tour or discuss your office space needs, contact us today!

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