How to Achieve Privacy in a Cowork Space

Privacy is a common concern for business owners weighing the pros and cons of using a coworking facility. Collaboration is great, but a shared work environment shouldn’t diminish your productivity or privacy. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you’re choosing a cowork facility.

Office Layouts that Offer Privacy

Not all activities require a team structure, so privacy should be customizable for teams and individuals. Some shared offices have walls that can easily be removed, reattached, and rearranged to accommodate different sizes of teams and different levels of privacy. Having partial walls between desks reduces visual distractions and offers some privacy from prying eyes peeking at your screens.

Keeping Conversations ConfidentialA private office in alternawork's cowork facility.

Often sought-out warehouse conversions or loft design for cowork spaces can be challenging, as the aesthetic we often see may not provide the most acoustically-sound office. However, noise levels can be mitigated by incorporating sound-absorbent materials on the floors, ceilings, and meeting rooms throughout. Look for a space with these features, both to keep your own conversations confidential, but also to reduce distracting noises throughout the space.

Consider a Private Office

A private, lockable office provides the perfect setting to maximize productivity. You can make business calls without worrying about others overhearing sensitive information, and even have a dedicated space to hold meetings with clients, business partners, and employees. This is also a great option for accommodating larger teams and working groups.

Overall, it’s important that a cowork office can address your privacy-related concerns before you decide to sign up. It’s always a good idea to book a tour of the facility to see the space for yourself and ask any questions you may have.

alternawork is a dynamic cowork facility serving the thriving tech community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Kelowna. To book a tour or discuss your office space needs, contact us today!

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