Proximity Offices are the Way Forward for Businesses

Historically, having an office signaled prestige for a business, and often enterprises would lease several floors, and executives would covet corner offices. However, the pandemic has drastically changed the ‘traditional office,’ and the sudden switch to working from home has shown many people, employers, and employees alike that alternative workspaces may present new opportunities for success. 

Proximity offices offer a sort of hybrid between the traditional model and a home office, resulting in what’s proving to be a much more practical route to success. Established businesses and start-ups alike can use proximity offices redefine their workplace culture. 

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Working from home was an unanticipated chance for companies and employees to reevaluate standard workplace practices. It highlighted certain elements that people far preferred about their home offices while also showcasing specific parts of the traditional workplace that employees missed from their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

Proximity offices exist to provide the best of both worlds, with the downsides of neither. They allow employees to establish a designated workspace outside of the home, giving them the coworker interaction, they crave while also distinguishing their home life from their work life. Proximity offices also allow workers to avoid the pitfalls of traditional office life, like a lengthy, traffic-filled commute and a drab, monotonous daily routine. Higher employee satisfaction leads to more efficient, higher quality work as well as far less employee turnover, so creating a workplace dynamic that pleases your employees truly is a win-win.

Designed for Collaboration

Proximity offices bring people together, but not just physically. Communication between coworkers is made far easier when they can simply have a brief chat in person rather than scheduling a specified online meeting. Not to mention the countless boundaries posed by virtual communication. 

Unlike many traditional offices, coworking spaces within a proximity office are designed to be flexible spaces that serve the true needs of the overall team. They allow team members the chance to capitalize on the collaborative potential of the space when needed while also providing the option for independent work when it better suits the task at hand. This coworking solution connects workers to your company’s mission by allowing them to draw inspiration from each other when needed, without the stifling nature of traditional office space. 

Connection and Privacy

One of the draws of coworking spaces is the wider community, as your business will have the chance to interact with other organizations and freelancers every day. However, rest assured that this doesn’t pose an extra threat, thanks to proximity offices providing security and privacy. 

For example, alternawork offers lockable, enclosed spaces with soundproof walls. There are also open spaces with windows, allowing you to make the right choices for your company. Connect your organization to the wider coworking community without having to make sacrifices!

Wider Networks

Networking within friendly spaces can lead to new opportunities. You might collaborate with creative freelancers or discover new talent to hire. The variety of other businesses, both inside and outside your industry, also makes it possible to find new clients or collaborators when you work at a proximity office compared to a traditional, closed office environment.

Save on Overhead

Securing traditional office space usually means committing to long, costly leases. Not only does this drive up overhead, but it strictly limits the size of your team, which can slow the growth of your company. 

Businesses working out of proximity offices can quickly respond to changes by renting more space (or less) without encountering prohibitive costs. 

Purposeful Work

Flexibility also allows your business to use space more mindfully. Renting proximity offices means keeping a permanent space or only bringing the team together when a project requires. 

Committing your business to one space forces your team to work one way, even if it may not suit every team member or individual project. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, will give your business room to evolve. You can embrace consistency or fluidity as you like. 

Build a Partnership

If you want to redefine how your business operates, contact us to schedule a tour. alternawork is happy to bring you into our coworking spaces for a guided tour to see our proximity offices for yourself and make the best, most informed choices for your company!