Restoring Confidence and Safety at alternawork

alternawork, a state-of-the-art shared office facility located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), has announced that Poppy’s sentinel pathogen monitoring services would be integrated in their Oakville coworking facility.

Poppy is the world’s first commercially available pathogen sensing and detection network that helps protect the places where we work, live, and visit by monitoring both air and surfaces for the COVID-19 virus and thousands of other known pathogens.

Using Poppy’s services, alternawork can sense the presence of pathogens in its Oakville facility without the delay, expense, or demands of testing individuals. With access to rapid, actionable information about the indoor air and surfaces, alternawork can provide its communities with the confidence that they are in a safe environment.

“This provides our alternawork community with a kind of superpower, to know that when they’re on-site, the facility is free from 1000+ health-related organisms in the air—including the COVID-19 virus and its variants,” said Richard Myers, President alternawork. “That then allows our alternawork community to get back to thinking about everything else they came to the office to work on.”

“We are 100% focused on making sure that as Canada opens back up, we open up with peace of mind,” said Sam Molyneux, Poppy Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We know it’s challenging for businesses to ensure everyone is taking adequate precautions to protect their health and those around them. Poppy’s system works 24/7 to monitor the air and surfaces we share. Like the devices that can detect smoke before a fire, we are mounting Poppy devices to detect COVID-19 pathogen risk before it creates a much larger problem.”

Sentinel monitoring of the environment is especially valuable in coworking spaces, where individuals may or may not know everyone around them. “This is about allowing our community to feel confident about our facility,” said Richard Myers, President alternawork. “We want to make sure that when people return to work, they can do so confidently.”

About alternawork 

alternawork is a shared facility serving the thriving tech community in Oakville. We offer private offices, dedicated workstations, shared boardrooms, and event space. Staying connected is essential to your business, which is why we deliver an enterprise-class fast, reliable network. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully furnished and designed by leading Canadian architects. Located just steps from the Bronte GO, our convenient location provides easy access throughout the GTA.

Following the success of alternawork’s flagship location in Oakville, Ontario, we expanded to a second location in Kelowna, BC. Premium amenities such as parking and 24-hour access to office spaces are also available at these locations.

About Poppy

Poppy makes the invisible visible. The world’s first commercial pathogen sensing and security system, Poppy assesses, monitors, and responds to pathogens to help make indoor spaces safer.

An end-to-end solution, Poppy maps and monitors the movement and identity of 1000+ health-related organisms in the air—including the COVID-19 virus and its variants, food-borne bacteria, multi-drug resistant bacteria, molds, and pests.

Poppy’s early detection and response helps ensure business continuity with best-in-class action and communication plans and 24/7 access to infection prevention and control experts.

Most of all, Poppy provides continuous peace of mind in the indoor safety measures for everyone sharing Poppy Spaces.

Founded in San Francisco in 2019, sites across North America are subscribed to Poppy, including commercial buildings, large offices, performance spaces and airports. Learn more at